Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Prattville and Montgomery Cyclocross Racing Clinics

Team Army-USAC and Team Cycle Escape
Supported by your Local Team: Chain Reaction, Cycle Escape, and the Montgomery Bicycle Club

Racing Clinic #1: Overlook Memorial Park, Prattville, Sunday, February 6th
Racing Clinic #2: Auburn University Montgomery Campus, Sunday, February 13th
Racing Clinic #3: Overlook Memorial Park, Prattville, Sunday, February 27th
Racing Clinic #4: Auburn University Montgomery Campus, Sunday, March 6th (double points)

Race Clinic Courses: Vary greatly! Expect mowed grass, gravel, pavement, off-camber sections, natural and manmade dismount obstacles and run-ups. Different course layout for each race. Safety will be a paramount concern.

Courses open 0830-1230 on Clinic days only.

AUM Registration located at Army ROTC Trailer vicinity tennis courts.

CAT C 0900 30 min+1 lap 3 Series $5
JUNIORS (12-18) 3 @ Race, Series FREE !
WOMEN 1000 (scored separately) 30 min+1 lap 3 Series $5
KIDs (under 12) 1045 Two Laps All @ Race FREE !
CAT A/B 1100 45 min+1 lap 3 Series $5

* Register at Clinic #1 for entire 4-clinic schedule for $15 – a $5 savings!
AUM Faculty, Staff, and Students – Entry Fee Waived for AUM Races only.
Registration: On-site registration for all clinics closes 15 minutes prior to race clinic start time. Pre-registration not applicable. All clinic racers will be required to show proof of an annual USCF or NORBA license, or obtain a one-day license on-site. All clinic racers and volunteers will be required to sign a USA Cycling, Inc. "release from liability form" at on-site registration. Faculty, staff, and students of AUM must show respective University identification for waiver of registration fee at AUM clinics. All registration fees will reimburse current and projected expenses, including event permitting and the $1 insurance surcharge per rider per clinic. Any excess registration fees will be consolidated for end of series recognition and door prizes to be awarded after the final clinic on 6 March. This is a non-profit clinic.

General Information: Mountain bikes (without bar ends), road bikes, and cyclocross bikes are welcome. Helmets must be worn at all times. Promoter has the right to combine clinic classes or start times based upon attendance. Race clinics will be held rain or shine. Race clinic courses will be open for pre-riding 15 minutes prior to each category start time. No warming-up on the course with a race clinic in progress. CAT A/B riders will accompany the KIDs two-lap clinic prior to CAT A/B start.

A bike wash point is located on-site at the AUM Army ROTC Trailer (registration site).

All USCF cyclocross rules will be in effect. Correct Category Alignment as detailed below WILL BE ENFORCED!
Race Clinic Category USCF Category NORBA Category
CAT A/B (45 mins) Category Pro/1/2/3/4 Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert/Sport
CAT C (30 mins) Category 5/One-Day ONLY Beginner/One-Day Beginner ONLY
CAT JUNIOR (30 mins) Age 12-18 Age 12-18
CAT WOMEN (30 mins) Category Pro/1/2/3/4 Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert/Sport/Beginner

Scoring: The following points will be awarded to the places listed. Point totals will be added throughout clinic series to determine overall placing. Final Race Clinic #4 (AUM) will award double points. Prime laps will not affect scoring.
Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th
Points 25 20 16 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For More Information:
Mike Shenk (334) 322-0583 armycycling@aol.com Noel Zamot (334) 953-3277 prattvillecyclocross@yahoo.com

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