Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dead Dog Race Report

Dead Dog mtn bike race report

By Jeff Dorminey

Last Saturday I hitched a ride with Dave Hiott, and we drove up to Trussville to pre ride the course. I did two easy laps and one moderate lap, enough to get the fill of the course. Dave did two easy and one @ race speed. Dave told me later he felt good, which proved to be true the next day. (Congrats Dave on your 1st place in the 40 to 49 age group.) After the pre ride we stopped on the way home and had some good Mexican food.

Sunday morning, Dave once again came by and picked me up and also catching a ride with us was Mike White (who came for team support). We all had a good time on the drive up and I new it was going to be a great day. We arrived at the race in time for me to get registered and a good warm up. Finally it was time for the sport riders to line up, by our respected by age group, with the 50 + age group being last. 5..4..3..2..1..GO! we were off; I was second going into the single track. The competitor ahead of me was faster in the single track, not by much, but getting a little gap. I did notice that when it went up hill, I was able to close the gap pretty fast. I also notice (felt) that I was riding at my limit and wondered how long I would be able to follow this guy, at this speed. When we had completed about ¾ of the first lap we came to the ball field hill (what I think is the hardest hill of the course)I was just about to have to back of my pace a bit when the guy in front started to slow, so I made the pass , wow! That hurt, Hey I’m in 1st place! Ok, so I thought to myself, the guy I just passed is going to recover and come back pass me like I’m sitting still. With that thought in mind, I really keep pushing, way past the point of pain, managing to hold that intensity for the remaining 2 ¼ laps, and came in with the win. After Dave and I collected our hard earned rewards, we packed up, and the three of up drove back to Montgomery, with Mike and Dave having to listen to me talk about my race the whole way home. It was awesome!

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